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SamStock EPoS Back-Office Stock Control System

SamStock back office stock control software.  Full stock control system and sales analysis.  Comprehensive reporting.  Front of House system programming.  MIS, Management Information System.
SamStock Stock Control Software; new installations; re-training; re-programming


Sentinel EPoS Touch Screen Software

Sentinel front of house, touch screen EPoS software.  Hospitality, Pubs, Clubs and Retail. - SamStock Stock Control System compatible

Sentinel Touch Screen EPoS System; new installations, re-training; re-programming.


Easy2Touch Epos Terminal / TS600 / TS700

Easy2Touch Touch Screen EPoS terminal.  Hospitality EPoS, Pubs and Clubs. - SamStock Stock Control System compatible

Easy2Touch TS600/700 and Bleep TS700; re-training; hardware re-configuration; re-programming


SAM4s SPS2000 Eprom based EPoS Touch Screen

SAM4s SPS2000 Touch Screen EPoS terminal, EPoS touch screen with embedded EPoS software. Hospitality, Pubs, Clubs and Retail - SamStock Stock Control System compatible

SPS-2000 Touch Screen upgrading; re-training; re-programming; hardware re-configuration.


CES Touch Screen Software

CES Touch Screen EPoS System Expert Software


CES TS Touch Screen EPoS System Software.  Full Touch Screen and Stock Control System.  Hospitality, Retail, Pubs and Clubs.  Customer Loyalty, Accounts, eTopUp, eBooker.  Dry Cleaning EPoS Systems, Wireless Waiter, Wireless Ordering.  CES Touch with Management Tools, remotely access your business in realtime, pull back EPoS Sales Reports

CES EPoS Software installation; re-training; re-programming; new modules.



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CCM EPoS Supplier

The Till Lady Ltd, working with our EPoS Supplier EPoS SupplierCCM to provide EPoS Systems and POS solutions in the Hospitality and Retail Sectors.  Visit for complete POS installations.